About Liz

A self-identified visual and audio raconteur, Liz graduated summa cum laude with Distinction in Sociology at Occidental College, CA before her start in the Beauty Industry. She is passionate about social justice, and aims to use her artistry to help people achieve their goals and make a positive impact. Liz believes in the importance of environmental responsibility: art and commerce is important, but not at the price of our environment. Liz is known for her ability to work well in diverse team set-ups and under time pressure. She maintains clear visual and verbal communication, and remains resourceful when translating the creative vision into language and applicable strategies the creative team on-set can easily understand in order to stay cohesive and on-track for the project at hand. Liz enjoys putting #DreamTeams together and Liz is excited to meet you and work with you! 

Liz grew up across 3 continents, in 6 different countries, and prefers to identify as a #CitizenOfPlanetEarth. Liz, her partner Bo, and their cat, Skyla, are happily growing their roots in Mountain View, along with their growing collection of electronics. 

“Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life. ”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

P.P.S: Because this comes up a lot or eventually on-set, I am an INTJ (The Architect) and a Type 6 (Enneagram, The Practical Skeptic/Strategist), Virgo (Earth sign), and a Fire Tiger ;) 1986, hear us Roar 

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